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Suntoday hybrid rice seeds(7001)

Suntoday hybrid rice seeds(7001) is a two-line japonica hybrid rice, with a growing duration of 175 days. It is about 92 cm tall. It is stable high yield, strong tillering ability and high productive tiller percentage, the ration of seed setting is 89%. the grain number of per panicle is 159, the number of effective panicles are 4.27 million/hm2. 1000 grains weigh is 25.3g. The panicle shape is tidy, has better lodging resistance, comprehensive disease resistance. The rice has good quality, better in head rice rate, transparency of rice, amylose content, gel consistency reach the first degree of the ministry standard, it also has good palatability. It is with high yield potential and has better steady increasing yield potential.
Suitable Areas: Yunguang 12 suits to plant within 1500-1900 meters above sea level in Yunnan province.

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