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Suntoday hybrid rice seeds(7002)

The Characteristics:
Suntoday hybrid rice seeds(7002) is a two-line indica hybrid rice, with a growing duration of 143 days. It is about 108 cm tall, compact plant type, strong tillering ability. Filled grain number of per panicle is 120,  the setting rate is 82%, the number of effective panicles are 3.18 million/hm2, the 1000 grains weigh is 30.9g. It is lodging resistance and resistance to the bacterial blight .Th variety has excellent rice quality,  with high head rice ratio, good appearance and transparency, and the chalk white rate is 7%, chalk white degree is 1%,  with good palatability, the  comprehensive of rice quality is evaluates third degree. It has huge yield potential. In 2005 - 2006, attended Yunnan province Indica Hybrid Rice Variety Regional Trail, the mean yield was 9463.5 kg/hm2, that increased yield significantly compared the others; and also the mean yield was 8010kg/hm2 in the demonstration field, It increases yield significantly.
Suntoday hybrid rice seeds(7002 )  suits to plant in Yunnan province under 1400 m above sea level, also can be planted in seven provinces of the Vietnam (Nam Dinh province,Ha Nam province, Nghe-An Province, Hanoi Province, Ninh Binh province, Hung Yen province, Ha Tay province),  Yangon province of the Myanmar, Pakistani Punjab Province of Pakistan,etc; and also Southeast Asian or South Asian countries

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